Madrid Airport

13 September 2009 admin No Comments
Architecture, Extrusions

The most rewarding parts of all the travelling I do is a mix of:

1. Being able to meet our customers – a fairly uncommon event for Internet Software  companies

2. Getting to experience world architecture

Last week I was in Madrid and arrived at Barajas-Madrid Airport. While experiencing this amazing building I couldn’t help but think this building provided an answer to an extremely common question we receive “What does 3D Profiler do?”


Over time I have decided that unlike our other Tools 3D Profiler really needs to be described by examples not words.

Recently we uploaded a number of youTube videos that used a bus shelter as an example to show the many uses of 3d Profiler.

Below are some images of both the airport and a very quick model. Apart from some slabs, columns and curtain walls, the majority of the structure was created with the various Tools within the 3D Profiler Tool:

Check back soon as there may be some more images uploaded.